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GOSPACE SuperCharger

$89.00 $59.00

An incredible, quick charge and globally compatible device with build-in wall charger, power bank and QI wireless charger.

Fast Charging Port

USB Type-C port takes full advantage of the fast charging capabilities of USB Type-C, this port charge any type of smartphone to at least 50% in about half an hour.

QI Wireless Charging

You can charge your compatible smartphones and other QI-compatible devices without the need to plug your device into a wall charger or USB port. Simply place your device directly onto the 5W fast charging pad and your phone begins to charge.

Interchangeable Plugs

The most powerful feature of GOSPACE SuperCharger is supporting over 150 countries with build-in wall interchangeable plugs, also you can charge other devices through and use as wall charger for your laptop while GOSPACE SuperCharger plugged in.

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Never worry about juggling cables, power banks and wireless chargers for multiple devices, or remembering adapters for different countries. The GOSPACE Multi Functional Charger does it all.

  • QI Wireless charging
  • 10,000 mAh batter
  • Build-in wall plug
  • Up to 4 devices at a time
  • Power bank for charger anywhere
  • Worldwide adapters included

It provides:

  • USD PD/QC 3.0
  • Smart IC (Auto Sensing)
  • Cover 150+ countries
  • Eight Protection
  • Support all Type-C charging technology

Feel safe using the GOSPACE Multi Functional Charger because it has:

  • Temperature protection
  • Voltage protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Power protection
  • Output protection
  • Charging protection
  • Output current protection
  • Electromagnetic field protection

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